The startups are backbone of the whole ecosystem of the country. They are visionaries. They are brave hearts. They swim against the flow. And try to come up with the solutions which are directly or indirectly improve the life style of the society.

While doing this, the startups are masters in the one of the parts of the business process. While fighting the battle against all odds, these became a major road block to them. If someone helps them to channelize unproductive tasks, the more and more startups are going to succeed. And this ultimately results in the national growth.

So our sincere effort is to provide following tasks for them by accepting minimal charges with the help of subscription model:

Design thinking is one of the most critical tasks of technology products as it conveys the first impression of your product. It should never be overlooked as it boosts the success rate of startups. The CBI Insights has something to say about the top reasons of failure in the startup's ecosystem:

Establish, Leverage, and Flourish your business ideas with the unique Tech Partner for Startups

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Technology consultation
  • Start-to-end support and guidance
  • Dexterous methodologies
  • Innovative and futuristic approach
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • MVP, PoC, Product development, etc
  • Proficiency in the up-to-the-minute technology

Here's What Makes Us The Unique Tech Partner For Startups:


We have over a decade of practical experience in helping a broad continuum of indigenous and international businesses leverage and benefit from our technological proficiency.


Our indigenous talents perceive the unique business necessities of startups and they use up-to-the-minute
technology to execute invention
to your desk.­



With our dexterity in approach and novelty in implementation, we let you reinforce the change, keep tempo with the rapidly growing markets, and explore more possibilities.


With our purpose to assist millions of startups build outstanding products, we are known for our on-the-dot, superior in nature, and ultra-fast deliverables with an excellent eye for flawlessness.