We assist growth seeking OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to develop world class equipments that disrupt the global scenario. We implement our well tested product development process to achieve this for them.

Outsource Your Product Development:

We work closely with our esteemed client’s right from scratch to the proving of the product. We offer our services throughout the lifecycle of the product development. We are honored in many cases to fulfill this herculean task for our clients by virtue of our keen knowledge in our field and our versatile experience to achieve the things first time right.

Our team members work hand in hand with our clients to design UI, develop products, practice good engineering and help them to enhance the overall project.

This is beneficial to the client/company to keep an eye on product invention, it’s management, their customer fulfillment and customer relationship satisfaction, marketing and sales growth.


Project vs Product Outlook

It all begins with solving the right problem.

At SHD, we rely on our deep expertise and active curiosity in the field of Design Thinking to execute solutions that are based on in depth understanding of the challenge itself. We believe in doing why why analysis to frame the challenge effectively, thereby coming with new and better ways to solve our clients’ problems. We build solutions that help our client for the lifelong solutions and not short term fixes.

Project Outlook

  • Teams assigned specifically for project
  • Fixed Target Date
  • Well defined outcomes
  • Fixed requisite
  • Governed by a Project Leader
  • Outcome focused
  • Output executed at end
  • Learning’s not achievable

Product Outlook

  • Interconnected teams
  • No specific Target Date
  • Outputs not defined
  • Involving attitude required
  • Governed by a Product Leader
  • Outcome focused
  • In process improvement
  • Output Flexible
  • All time learning curve

How the Product Outlook Impacts Actual Development

A ‘Product Outlook’ is a process of thinking that implicates every thought, action and process that is implement to resolve the clients’ challenges. Futuristic thinking transforms the design DNA of the software product management program. This means for the client: Long term benefits, sustainable growth and desired outcome. In the following way:

Lead Initiative

Creating a top notch product demands an inner voice to take the idea and transform it to real life. Strength and power of cross platform thinking.

Growth Outlook

Working with this outlook boosts joint work, provides a sense of achievement and a belief that ‘We can achieve this hand in hand’. It also drastically improves the quality of product.

Powerful analytical skill set

Continually grasping, confirming and correcting on all angles of the Product Development process, Take actions considering facts and figures and not on `clues’ and ‘creepy feelings’.

Technical Knowhow

Technical knowhow coupled with a growth outlook act as a force multiplier to ensure better product development outputs.

Persistence of quality

While analysis provides the body, the persistence of quality serves as the soul that glues the company and its processes together.

Planning & Execution

Futuristic Thinking, utilizing facts and figures to guide decisions and always thinking about the big bold results help to provide good value to the client.